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Ported RX-8 N/A Package

The Dynojet charts posted above are the RWHP results from a customers ported, naturally aspirated RX-8 build performed in October of 2010. It was imperative the vehicle maintained complete functionally of a normal street car, the creature comforts and driveability while providing a significant increase in Rear Wheel Horse Power. The customer flew in and drove the vehicle back to Maryland and has made several road trips to and from Canada. It is used primarily as a street car with the occasional weekend track events.The average RX-8 Dyno's between 175 and 190 RWHP so these gains are substantial!

Note-this measurement of rear wheel horsepower translates to approximately 275bhp specific products and services:

Internal Engine porting and Intake porting

Engine Built with custom seal and bearing clearances Prototype Intake System Prototype Header and Exhaust

Off the shelf Components:

ACT pro-light flywheel

ACT Clutch


Factory Ignition 

Factory transmission and differential

Factory fuel pump and injectors

Mazda OE seals and engine Internals  

All runs were performed on 87octane fuel      

Completely built and tuned in house at

Please contact us for engine packages to suit you specific application!

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