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Clutch Kit - Racing 6 Puck Sprung Disk


This is an excellent stage 3 kit for modified cars that are tracked or forced induction applications used for routine high performance use. This kit combines a heavy duty pressure plate with a 6 puck clutch disk typically found in racing applications.

This kit can be used on the street but keep in mind, it will be slightly nosier than an organic disk and will have quicker engagement. The sprung clutch disk will reduce spline wear and drivetrain shock making it more street able than the solid hub version.

Includes: Pressure plate, Clutch disk, Release bearing, Pilot bearing and seal and alignment tool


  • Moderate increase in pedal pressure
  • Significant Increase in strength and power handling 
  • Will have a more aggressive clutch pedal engagement
  • Good service life
  • Ideal for track use or forced Induction applications
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