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Performance Coil Bracket

    If you want to achieve maximum engine performance and extend the life of your RX-8 ignition system, our new and improved ignition coil bracket is an excellent place to start!                                  

        The RX-8 ignition system has long proven to be a weak point of the platform. Unfortunately coil failure and the related misfires don't just make the car run poorly and foul out spark plugs, it can actually destroy the expensive catalytic convertor and/or lead to serious engine damage.

        Our New Ignition Coil Bracket is designed as a direct replacement for the Mazda factory bracket.  Made of aluminum, It is very lightweight and designed to eliminate the flat metal area under the ignition coil which has proven to have many positive benefits such as:  

        • The ignition coil's operating temperature becomes significantly reduced
        • The coils ability to misfire to the mounting bracket through the bottom is eliminated
        • A moisture collection area is also removed! (which further decrease chances of coil misfire)


        These benefits are an excellent way to extend coil life and improve engine performance by ensuring consistent and efficient spark plug firing. 

        Even better, you can achieve these improvements without the high cost of aftermarket ignition kits. 



        • Extends coil life
        • Reduces chances of engine misfires 
        • Is a direct replacement for the Mazda factory bracket
        • Made from high quality 5052 aluminum material.   
        • Our bracket is half a pound lighter than the factory steel bracket
        • Maintains factory wiring harness mounting locations
        • Easy to install (plug and play)

        Price shown is for one new Ignition Coil Bracket and the required mounting hardware.  Coils and other related ignition parts are available/sold as a kit by selecting the various options below. 

          Note: When inspecting your current coils please be aware that white spots on the bottoms do not necessarily indicate a failed coil. It does however indicate that the coil has been misfiring to the coil bracket (ground). This degrades engine performance, shortens coil life as well as long term engine life.
          2004-2008 models only
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