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Differiental Mount Installation Service


 If you would like to enjoy the benefits of our high performance Differential Mounts with less work, fewer tools and less downtime we're here to help!  We currently stock factory differential mounts that have had our Delrin performance mounts professionally installed! The original bushings are pressed out, we bead blast and inspect the mounts and then press in our new high performance Delrin mounts. This will allow you to lower the diff, remove the four mounting nuts securing the old mount and replace it with our pre-built unit quickly and efficiently. After you have replaced your mount, send it to us and after inspection we will credit you back the entire core charge. This service allows the job to be done quickly with basic hand tools by the novice mechanic!

The Delrin bushings are reduced to 109.95

We charge $50.00 for the service  

The $150.00 core charge is completely refunded after returning a good reusable core!

We now offer this service for our Polyurethane mounts as well!

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