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Rotary Canister Trio


 When we decided to build a new fluid canister system for the RX-8 we thought an artistic spin on the idea would be a refreshing addition.

This is actually a 3 chambered container system designed to replace the factory washer bottle, plastic air separator tank and provide an oil catch can! Each chamber has a full 1 quart capacity and has the same outer dimensions as 13b engine rotors! They are hand made from high quality 5052 aluminum and the unit bolts directly in place of the factory windshield washer bottle! Easily installed with basic hand tools. These are custom hand built to suit your needs, please email us and we can likely accommodate your request for other fitting types or powder coating colors to suite your application.


Suggested uses:

  • Oil catch can
  • Air separator tank
  • Washer fluid reservoir
  • Sohn Adapter reservoir
  • Water Injection
  • Fresh oil reservoir used for topping off engine oil. Route a hose to the lower filler neck port, turn the petcock and add up to a quart of oil!

 Please note- additional services, washer motor or coatings may require additional cost. Please email or call for a quote!

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