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RX-8 Sunroof Shield


Have you ever noticed that when two people of different heights are sitting next to each other in a car, one will be hot while the other is cold? 

When closed the sunroof slider sitting just inches above your head can have heat radiating downward in the 120 degree range. Sure the A/C is blowing but at a lower part of the cabin and not at the headliner or the top of your head. The closer your head is to this heat the hotter you will feel. With the sunroof shield installed it reduces temperatures radiating off of the slider by approximately 20 degrees! Keeping your head cooler and ultimately reducing cabin temperatures.

Simply open the slider, hold the Sunroofshield to the glass panel and close the slider, it's just that easy!

Custom fit for the RX-8 it is finished with a sewn gray border and gray felt inner liner.


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