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The Original Syncro Saver


Syncro Saver

Over shifting during performance driving is a common occurrence across a wide variety of vehicles and the RX-8 is no exception.

During spirited driving, the faster you shift, the sooner you get back on the power. Unfortunately, faster shifting is usually more aggressive shifting which leads to “over shifting” the transmission. Over shifting is shifter travel greater than required to engage the gear which can cause serious damage to internal transmission components such as synchronizers, clutch hubs (which contact the synchronizer) or the shift forks. From the drivers seat this seems very slight but the clearances inside the transmission are measured it thousandths of an inch! In other words, a little extra movement in the shifter is eliminating the required clearances inside the transmission.

The next time you are in your vehicle, select a gear and release the shifter. Press the shifter harder into the same gear and you will notice the shifter actually continues to move past the point where the transmission is already in gear! In vehicles with short shifters this will be masked slightly because of the shortened throw but the internal stresses are still present and possibly worse because of leverage. During spirited driving it is likely happening with ALL of the shifts because the driver is focused on getting to the next gear as quickly as possible.

The bottom line, this slight additional movement breaks internal components! Race cars with aftermarket shifters have been addressing the problem for years and now you can as well!

The Syncro-Saver when installed properly will eliminate the additional excessive travel of the shifter with a definitive shifter stop which in turn will eliminate the binding of components inside the transmission. You set it, lock the stops in position and forget it!

This also allows you to focus on your driving and NOT worry about over shifting and damaging the transmission.

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