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Greddy Turbo Upgrade


Upgrade your Greddy turbo for higher levels of performance and reliability. This upgrade provides more midrange and high rpm power while still remaining a bolt-on unit.

Product Details
This service includes dissassembly of the turbocharger and inspection of the internal components for damage. We machine the compressor housing to accomomodate a larger compressor wheel, afterward a mild "clip" to the turbine wheel is performed. We then port the internal wastegate and check for smooth operation.
Finally we balance the modified rotating assembly, rebuild the cartridge with new bearings and seals and perform final assembly.

Ceramic coating is available for the turbo assembly, manifold, downpipe etc. but not included. Please contact us for pricing.

To have this service performed simply purchase it through our website. This allows us to schedule the work and verify the required parts are on hand. Send your GReddy Turbo to our contact address and we will perform this service and ship it back to you once complete. Turn-around time is usually within 3-5 business days from the time we receive the unit.

Rebuilt unit will differ from photo.

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