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RX8Performance Turbo Kit


There is nothing quite like the feeling of a turbo charged rotary engine. The combination of the smooth power delivery and high output levels transforms the RX-8 into a car that doesn't just excel through the corners but has exceptional straight line speed as well!

We felt there was a place in the market for a new turbo kitand we are proud to release the turbo kit!



 Our Goals:

   Over the years we have turbo-charged a wide variety of rotary powered vehicles, so when we set out to design a new turbo system for the RX-8, we had some important criteria we wanted to achieve. A turbo system that would be responsive and produce power over a broad range yet be completely capable of producing 330-350rwhp. The challenge was to design a system that was well mannered as a daily driver yet contain the high quality components and headroom required to withstand the rigors of competition and track use! We also knew this would need to be offered as a true, complete bolt-on package to the consumer.

 We listened carefully to the feedback from our customers, looked back and drew from our own previous turbo designs and then finally  took a close look at the issues with other offerings. After analyzing all this information, we carefully chose the components and ultimately opted for a low mount turbo design. There are a few key notable advantages to this approach for a production turbo kit.  

 The Design:


 Placing the turbo low in the chassis will yield lower under hood temperatures compared to top mount designs. This keeps exhaust heat away from sensitive electronic components, rubber hoses and plastics found in the engine bay. Avoiding issues in these areas improves long term day to day reliability which was very important in our approach and ultimately, to our customers. This location also provides superior vehicle balance by locating the turbocharger, manifold, wastegate and downpipe as low and as centered in the chassis as possible. 

 In an effort to avoid compromise, we felt it was very important to maintain full functionally of the Auxiliary Port Valve, Secondary Shutter Valve, Variable Dynamic Intake Effect and the Oil injection system. This allows the end user to determine what control logic best suits their application and provides more overall flexibility in the system. This approach eliminates compromises in performance at low RPM, allows maximum power output at high RPM's and also eliminates switching to a premix only vehicle. 

 We also felt that the installation SHOULD NOT REQUIRE cutting the chassis or the subframe and that all of the factory  bracing should remain intact and functional. In other words, we wanted a clean installation that would avoid seriously altering or modifying the chassis.

When designing our new turbo system we looked at the Renesis closely to determine how to take advantage of the engines unique exhaust flow characteristics. Next we took a look at other areas that would promote quicker turbo spool-up and what we came up with was a design that improves spool time, overall turbo response and ultimately engine performance.

Here’s how it works:

The intermediate or center housing of the Renesis engine has a divided exhaust port sleeve which allows exhaust from both chambers to exit into one common exhaust runner. This effectively means there is half the physical time between exhaust pulses exiting through this runner which provides a smooth continuous flow of exhaust gases. Because the exhaust pulses are forced through a smaller divided sleeve the total volume is less but, the velocity of the exhaust flow is increased! In the manifold design we routed the center runner carrying these gases through a smooth sweeping radius to minimize turbulence and to keep velocity as high as possible as it entered the turbo!  

See manifold pic

 Next we chose the Synapse blow off valve not just for its reputation of extremely quick response but because it can be setup to allow air that is already lightly compressed at cruise speeds or part throttle to be diverted out the discharge port. This prevents the air from deadheading into the (almost closed) throttle plate at cruise and part throttle reducing drag on the compressor wheel. By eliminating this deadheading effect of the charge air the turbo spins at higher rpm in a partially spooled state similar to the secondary turbo on an FD RX-7. Mazda did this in a more aggressive manner in their twin turbo design because spooling-up a turbocharger to the target RPM requires less time if you start from a higher initial RPM! 

 Keep in mind that design worked quite well (albeit complex) with 1990’s journal bearing turbocharger technology, since then we have come a long way to the quick spooling dual ceramic ball bearing unit we are using here!   

We mounted the Synapse valve in a location that would allow the 1 ¼ discharge hose to be routed without any sharp transitions or angles allowing the blending of charge air back in smoothly with the air already entering the turbocharger. We placed the recirculation entry point as close to the turbocharger as possible to the inlet of the turbocharger further reducing drag on the compressor wheel.

This means under part throttle acceleration or cruising at a given speed, the turbo charger is spooled to a higher RPM which will allow you to hit your target boost levels quicker. This allows our system to be packaged with a turbocharger capable of achieving highhorsepower levels while improving spool time through well thought out design.

 In the end, we feel that if we can improve turbo system response and performance even slightly through attention to design yet not add complexity or added cost, it's worth it!

 The System:

 At the heart of the kit is a Precision Turbo CEA Billet wheel 6266sp dual ceramic ball bearing turbocharger. It features a compact v-band in and out configuration and utilizes a .82 A/R turbine housing to provide quick spoolup! The turbocharger is mounted to a thick 11 gauge stainless steel tubular manifold and boost levels are controlled by a Precision Turbo 46mm wastegate, By default, we chose to route the wastegate discharge back into the 3inch stainless downpipe to keep the volume down. However, if you prefer a vent to atmosphere or "screamer" pipe it is available as well! 

 Our kit allows use of the factory battery location, all of the factory hoses, belts and pullies. We include a passenger side mounting bracket that is compatible with our high performance motor mounts (recommended) or the factory equipment. This provides for a smooth factory like feel in ride quality and provides low NVH.

 The kit was designed to allow the engine to be tuned using a variety of engine management systems including flash tuning systems, such as the Cobb-AP. To improve the MAF based tuning aspect we have installed a recirculated Synapse BOV, provided a significant straight area before the MAF sensor itself and implemented an additional air straightener as well!     

We do offer a few options for intercooler selections depending on power levels, intended use and environmental operating conditions.

These are hand built in small build runs which allows us to address your specific vacuum routing and recirculation requirements.  

Although we do offer the kit with the Billet PT6266sp you may substitute the following Precision Turbo units:

PT5862CEA, PT6262CEA, PT6766CEA  

Please contact us to discuss alternative options that will best suit your specific needs and power requirements! 


  • Precision Turbo CEA Billet wheel 6266sp dual ball ceramic bearing turbo. V-band in and out, .82 A/R.
  • Precision Turbo 46 mm wastegate and spring kit allowing 17 different boost level combinations.
  • Tig Welded 11 Gauge 100% Stainless Steel manifold
  • Tig Welded 3 inch Stainless Steel downpipe with v-band wastegate port
  • Bead rolled 6061 Aluminum charge tubes
  • Tial Blow-Off valve with recirculation fitting
  • Large Bar and plate front mount Intercooler
  • Adjustable Intercooler mount to accommodate aftermarket bumper covers 
  • High Quality Reinforced Silicone Couplers
  • Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps 
  • 3.5 inch Cold Air intake with Maf Air Straighter
  • Passengers side motor mount bracket and mounting hardware
  • Braided stainless steel oil feed and return lines with hardware 
  • Required fasteners
  • 2.5, 2.75 or a 3 inch flex section for your midpipe or catalytic convertor is included
  • Required check valves for the JAM, OMP and PCV systems. Hard fitting locations are determined during the build process of your order to suit your specific needs.    

Thermal and powder coatings are available please contact us for more info

To maximize performance we also offer a true 3 inch stainless steel resonated midpipe which contains a flex section. 

Note: Our kit's are hand built in fixed jigs and then fitted to verify the highest consistent build quality possible. These kits are typically built as ordered so please contact us for current estimated lead times. Due to the extensive labor involved and cost of the high quality components used, once a deposit or payment is taken towards a kit, the deposit or payment is non-refundable once the build process has begun.  

Pricing listed is the introductory pricing and will change without notice. Pricing does not include shipping, please contact us directly for a international or domestic shipping quote. 

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