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Oil Sensor Banjo Bolt


If you are looking to accurately measure oil temperature and pressure in you engine this is the solution!

 These are Mazda OE banjo bolts designed to allow you to install your gauge sensors into and then simply replace the factory bolts! They can be mounted in several different locations and are ideal for keeping the sensors out of the way while provide more accurate data than other locations.

 For instance, when sensors are installed in a "sandwich plate adapter" (under the oil filter) they are reporting oil temps after the oil has been sent through the oil cooler(s). In this case you really dont have an accurate measurement of the true oil temperature. 

These have no o-rings to fail or leak and also dont raise the oil filter eliminating space and making changes more difficult or painful.

These are designed for use with common 1/8 pipe threads. If you have an odd size or not sure what size you require feel free to send us an email and we can likely accommodate your needs.

NOTE: Sensors shown are not included but can purchased though us, installed and pressure checked for you before shipping,


Sold Individually

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