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High Capacity Oil Pan


When we set out to build a high performance oil pan for the RX-8 our goal was to increase capacity and create a baffle system to protect your Renesis under the most extreme driving conditions. To increase capacity typically aftermarket pans simply have a lower floor or sump in the very bottom of the pan. The down side of this is eliminating precious ground clearance that will create issues in a sports car, especially cars with aftermarket suspension.

We took a different approach!

 Our innovative design results in a pan that carries a full six quarts of oil almost doubling the factory capacity while only lowering the bottom of the pan ¼ of an inch!  


We chose aluminum for construction due to its light weight and excellent heat transfer characteristics. With the increased surface area and system capacity engine oil temperatures are lowered which, in turn, lowers engine operating temperatures! The engine mounting flange is 3/16th of an inch thick which not only provides a very durable sealing surface but also provides additional rigidity to the engine. This added strength helps reduce flex or twist – a problem in forced induction rotary engines.

 Oil slosh is always a concern in high performance applications so we equipped the pan with a race proven one way trap door system. These doors open and close in response to dynamic loads to ensure the pickup tube is always submerged in oil regardless of the g-forces the vehicle is subjected to.

 The pan includes a built in oil return bung for forced induction applications making plumbing a simple task and eliminating the mess of hose and barbed fitting solutions. If requested, we can include an additional provision for an aftermarket oil temp fitting in the pan as well. This will allow you to accuracy monitor the oil temperature as it exits the engine unlike a plate or sandwich system which indicates the oil temperature after being cooled and returning from the oil coolers.



With the do-it-yourself tech in mind, the oil drain fitting has been relocated to a more convenient position at the rear of the pan. This is ideal for more complete draining when changing oil on jack stands or ramps when the vehicle is nosed upward. We also included a magnetic drain plug allowing the owner or technician to inspect the oil for debris and internal engine wear during routine oil changes. The increased system capacity and lower operating temperatures will have a dramatic effect on the condition of your oil, and ultimately improving your engines lifespan. 

  • Nearly double the factory or Greddy capacity

  • Race proven trap door system

  • Sits only 1/4" lower than stock

  • Oil temp and turbo return provisions

  • Magnetic drain plug

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