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Lightweight Motor Mounts


 Based on our popular stainless steel motor mounts these lightweight aluminum versions offer the same performance advantages of reduced engine/transmission movement and improved vehicle performance but also offer an additional weight savings! They are stronger and lighter than the factory mounts yet retain our replaceable bushings and heavy duty hardened alloy internal mounting hardware.  

For comparison:

Our aluminum mounts weigh 1 pound 7oz

Factory mounts 1 pound 13oz stock

Note: If the rules in your particular racing class dictate a specific weight please let us know when placing your order and we will make  adjustments to suite your requirements.  

Made from mild steel, the factory RX-8 motor mounts are oil filled and made from natural rubber. Over time, the mounts become soft and cause additional vibration, allow additional engine movement and can actually break. 

Our Motor Mounts are made from tig welded Aluminium and feature Polyurethane mounts that encapsulate the hardened alloy internals we have machined exclusively for our design. This approach completely eliminates any metal to metal contact in the mount which provides a huge reduction in the noise, vibration or harshness (NVH) commonly found in other aftermarket designs.

We are also offering the polyurethane bushings sold separately from the mounts themselves which will provide a significant reduction in cost over the life of the vehicle.  Instead of throwing the complete engine mounts away, simply replace the bushings for less than $50! 

 Our mounts are designed as a direct bolt in replacement for the OE mounts so they maintain all of the Mazda engineered mounting points. They can be installed with basic hand tools by the novice mechanic in about an hour. 

Mazda implemented a safety feature in the OE mount to direct the engine movement in a severe impact and we have proudly followed suit. 

  • Direct bolt-in replacement for factory mounts
  • Thick polyurethane mounts on both sides of the mount
  • Low levels of NVH
  • Maintains factory engine placement
  • Now available with RED or Black Bushings


Note: These now have fully welded upper and lowers.

Installed mount photo's are of our stainless units and for demonstration purposes.


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