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RX8 Pulleys


A fresh approach.....and a fresh result!

 When we set out to develop aftermarket pulleys for the RX-8 we were aware that the current offerings were designs that were essentially, appearance items. Designs based around theory and not RX-8 specific data, we wanted to develop something different, pulleys that actually made a difference.

 With our approach we have reduced waterpump cavitation at high rpm, improved power output and reduced operating temperatures leading to improved engine reliability!

Even better, we have developed a combination that most enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of on their street cars in daily driving situations as well as during competition or track day use!

 For street cars under drive percentage is always a balance and we have found a combination that passes the idle and low speed tests and makes more power through the majority of the rpm range as well!   


We have included our results from a recent street car dyno test session. These results were obtained by performing dyno runs with our pulleys installed, then while still strapped to the dyno, swapping back to the stock pulleys and performing comparison runs all within one hour. To maintain consistently, engine temps were brought to 180f before the start of each run and the ECU was reset to eliminate any fuel trim variances!    

Comparing temperatures at the end of each dyno run via the Cobb AP showed 184-187f with our RX8performance pulleys compared to 197-199f for the stock pulleys! Clearly a noticeable temperature difference even for the time required for dyno runs!


Combined weight is less than one (1) pound for both pulleys!


Please note:  We are not making claims to specific power numbers or temperature reductions, there are obviously far too many variables from car to car to accurately make such exact claims. What we are sharing are the results of this car, on this dyno on this day comparing our new design with the OE components, your results may vary.

If your RX-8 has multiple amplifiers, sub-woofers, televisions, gaming systems etc or the vehicle may sit at idle for hours, please contact us, we also offer overdrive pulley alternatives.

Due to lower pulley variances a belt is not included but we can advise on sizing.

Designed for 2004-2008

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