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Replacement Oil Cooler Lines

$475.00 $349.00

Over the last several years oil cooler line corrosion has become an issue with the RX-8. This may show up as a slight leak at one of the fittings or the rubber hoses may burst without warning! If this occurs at higher RPM's when pressures and flow rates are at their highest, it will completely empty the engine oil in a matter of seconds!

By replacing the original rubber lines and rust prone mild steel fittings with our stainless steel line kit you eliminate this point of failure! 

We have a few advantages over other more expensive offerings as well.

  • Double swivel hose ends significantly ease installation and allows more flexibility in routing and hose end rotation
  • Available as a short line kit or complete replacement kit
  • Includes all required fittings and crush washers
  • Available for single and twin oil cooler RX-8's
  • Available for standard shift and automatic applications


Our complete replacement kit includes everything required to replace all the required hoses and fittings for your application.

Our short line kit includes everything required to replace the lines from the cooler(s) to the two connection points just under the front core support. Sometimes these are rusty and will need replaced but sometimes they are not and will reduce installation time!  

Use the drop down menu below to chose the kit that best suits you application!


NOTE: If your auto trans RX-8 has twin oil coolers select the 6 speed kit. 

           If your 6speed RX-8 has a single cooler select the auto trans kit




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