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Auxiliary Cooling System MT Pro

In mild conditions the factory radiator originally equipped in the RX-8 can provide adequate engine cooling with the addition of our cooling fan control kit. Once the engine is subjected to a more demanding operating range, high performance driving or a harsher environment the need for additional cooling can become a necessity.

We have designed an auxiliary cooling system that replaces the factory engine under tray and works in conjunction with the factory oil cooler. This system lowers the transmission temperatures and further protects the second most expensive part of the vehicle.

Features and Benefits:

  • Auxiliary Aluminum Radiator
  • 180f Bypass Thermostat  This allows the auxiliary radiator to automatically be bypassed when the coolant levels are below 180 degrees Fahrenheit.The key here is that it is bypassed by about 85 percent when the thermostat is in the closed position.This allows a slight cooling effect while still allowing the engine to quickly get to and maintain operating temperature.This also allows the coolant to spend slightly more time in the main radiator which provides improved heat transfer from the main radiator.
  • New Aluminum Engine Undertray - Replaces the original engine's plastic undertray with a new, light aluminum one.  The center section has a new "vented design" that improves rigidity at high speeds.  This supports the auxiliary radiator and bypass thermostat but also acts as a heat sink for the auxiliary radiator further reducing engine coolant temperatures
  • Pre-wired plug and play electric cooling fan that is designed to provide airflow across the Auxiliary Cooling System regardless of vehicle speed. When the vehicle is in slow traffic the factory cooler has no airflow across it which virtually eliminates any cooling effect.
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Screens - Debris Shield
  •    Improves fresh airflow to the main radiator!
  •     Includes all required hoses
  •    Includes stainless steel hose clamps
  •    Includes Stainless Nylon fasteners
  •   Easily installs with basic hand tools in about 2 hours.

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