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Cooling Fan Control Kit


Cooling Fan Control Kit

  This product will modify the Factory Cooling Fan Control System by altering the temperatures at which the factory cooling fans cycle on and off. By turning the fans on in high speed mode at 180f instead of 206f (factory setting) engine operating temperature is significantly reduced! Customers report vehicles that were running 210-220f are now running 180-190f and it only takes about a 15-20 minutes to install. This product is the single most effective way to reduce the engine temperature of your RX-8!

  • Works with factory or aftermarket equipment
  • No monitoring required, does all the work for you
  • Could replace the need for upgrading other expensive components by simply allowing your factory fans to cool your vehicle more efficiently. (such as a larger radiator or larger fans)
  • Fans turn on automatically when built-in senor determines their needed and off when the operating temperature is acceptable. 

Although the main objective of creating this product was to lower engine operating temperatures for our customer's RX 8's, many other benefits have been reported and may include:

  • Extended engine life - lower engine temps extend engine coolant seal life. 
  • Improved air conditioning efficiency due to lowering a/c condenser temperatures providing colder a/c output!
  • Better Engine Compression - The operating temps of a rotary engine will have a direct effect on engine compression.  The higher the operating temperatures, the lower the engine compression.  A cooler engine is a longer lasting better performing engine. 
  • Improved starting after short-term parking
  • More consistent idle due to higher compression and lower heat soak levels. 
  • Improved low rpm throttle response and torque due to higher engine compression.  
  • Reduced fan run time after the vehicle is shut off 

Kit Contents:

  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Two Pre-Wired Relays
  • 1 Coolant temperature sensor with coolant fitting
  • 2 Hose Clamps
  • 5 Wire Ties

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