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Ultimate Performance Radiator V-3

$825.00 $697.00


If you are looking for the Ultimate Radiator for your RX-8 look no further!



What sets this radiator apart from others on the market is a fundamental design characteristic that is the industry standard for purpose built road race, endurance and drag race cars. The radiator design is known as a dual pass system and has far superior heat transfer characteristics compared to other radiators. Now this same race winning technology is available for your RX-8!

How it's works:

Engine coolant enters the passenger side of the radiator and flows horizontally across the entire length of the radiator. Once it reaches the opposite end of the radiator the coolant flows downward and makes a complete second "pass" back to the end where it first entered.  The additional capacity and surface area contact provides a significant reduction in the temperature of the coolant leaving the radiator. 

Designed as a direct bolt in replacement, it utilizes the factory cooling fans and has mounting provisions for the A/C condenser as well. A slight modification is required to the lower factory radiator hose and can be reused. 

If you watched the 2011 24hours of Daytona you witnessed this radiator design cooling the RX-8 race cars!

This is the ultimate bolt-in radiator for the RX-8! It may cost a little more, but it’s A LOT more radiator than anything else on the market. 


  • 100% Aluminum construction (no epoxy)
  • Completely Tig Welded
  • Bolt-in design utilizing factory cooling fans and condenser
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.

 Note: When installing this into a completely stock RX-8 some trimming of the airbox tray will be required which can be done with simple hand tools. 



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