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Oil Cooler Fan Kit


One of the most common causes of RX-8 engine failure is excessive heat.  High temperatures have long been the enemy of rotary engine longevity and performance. There are many effective modifications that can increase the cooling capacity of your RX-8s primary cooling system – the engine coolant, water pump and radiator.  Until now there have been few ways to address the secondary cooling system – the engine oil and coolers.

 The oil system of the Rotary provides approximately 30% of the engine cooling.

During normal operation engine oil is routed through the eccentric shaft into the rotors to provide cooling and lubrication. When engine oil temperatures are reduced, more heat is removed from the engine reducing demand on the primary cooling system.  

Since the RX-8 does not come equipped with an oil temperature gauge most owners are not aware there is a problem until it’s too late and they are facing  engine failure or low compression.      

With another hot summer upon us oil temperatures in street applications are extremely high and customers are reporting engine operating temperatures in the 240f range.  If the past is any indication, this will lead to yet another round of summer engine failures.

How it works:

During low vehicle speed or in stop and go traffic the lack of airflow does not promote efficient heat transfer from the factory oil coolers. Using our oil cooler fan kit (or kits) with the factory installed oil coolers significantly improves air flow across the oil coolers lowering oil temperatures and assisting in the reduction of engine operating temperatures.

The kits are available in driver, passenger, or two sided configurations to meet any level of cooling needs.

The passenger side kit is compatible with automatic transmission cars as well providing additional transmission cooling which can extend transmission life.     

Protect your investment by lowering engine oil temperatures and extending engine life.

Helps prevent:

  • Overheating
  • Low RPM drivability issues
  • Heat related performance loss
  • Lower engine compression
  • Issues with seals
  • Rapid deterioration of water jacket seal (the equivalent of head gaskets)


Kit Includes:

  • High flow fan
  • Custom RX-8 specific fan shroud
  • Mounting bracket
  • Smart fuse holder
  • Heavy duty relay
  • Plug & play harness
  Please specify left or right side when ordering or purchase two kits for double the cooling benefit!
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