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RX8-REW oil pan



When performing an REW swap to the RX-8 you will find if you reuse the factory REW oil pan from the RX-7 the bottom hangs quite a bit lower than the actual RX-8 subframe. This significant reduction in ground clearance is obviously less than ideal for a sports car application. After numerous  requests from customers who have run our REW conversion mount for the last several years, we set out to design a replacement. 

 Drawing inspiration from our own high capacity RX-8 pan we have designed a low profile pan that is a direct bolt-on for the REW swapped RX-8. This design raises the bottom of the pan slightly above the RX-8 subframe for improved ground clearance while at the same time increasing the oil pan capacity an additional 1.5 quarts to approximately 5 quarts! While we were at it we also included our trap door design to ensure the oil pickup tube is submerged at all times. 

We offer this pan for use with the standard RX-8 front cover as well as the REW front cover allowing you to choose what suits your specific conversion.



High Oil level Capacity

Lightweight rust free aluminum construction

Strong 3/16 mating flange

Trap doors surrounding pickup tube

Retains OE RX-8 level sensor

Includes additional provision for oil temp or turbo oil return

Magnetic drain plug and seal (included)


Patent Pending




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