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Performance Fan Assembly


Designed to replace the factory plastic fan assembly this new high performance model offers quiet operation, excellent engine cooling and has features making it very efficient at high vehicle speeds or during competition events.

The unit incorporates a two speed curved blade fan providing high airflow from a single fan while dual sets of brushes allow the fan speed to change based on temperature as well as a/c loads. The eight black rectangular boxes are actually flaps. These are designed to be sucked shut under vacuum at low vehicle speed increasing airflow across the entire radiator core. At high vehicle speeds they open, reducing drag and allowing maximum airflow.

We designed the unit to fit both our high performance dual pass radiator (pictured) as well as a replacement for the OE fan unit on stock radiators. 


    • 2-speed Bosch dual brushed high performance fan
    • 8 integrated flaps to allow increased airflow at high vehicle speed
    • Strong 5052 aluminum construction
    • Integrates into factory fan control system
    • Weighs 8.8lbs

     Radiator not included but available!

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