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RX8Performance AST


Let's face it, the factory RX-8 Air Separator Tank or AST being made of plastic leaves a bit to be desired. They have become brittle with age which unfortunately often causes the cap to snap off or the tank to split causing leaks. This can empty the RX-8's cooling system very quickly causing overheating and may cause serious engine damage.

Our new unit is a direct bolt in replacement for the OE plastic unit and is compatible with completely stock (as shown) or with modified vehicles as well. During the design process we eliminated the annoying issue of the OE unit which allows coolant to overflow down and corrode the electric power steering system and fan connectors.  These units are hand made here in the US and include a new radiator cap with a safer flip up style pressure relief.

To better suit your specific application and goals they are available with several additional options as well.

V-1 The basic model is a high quality tig welded replacement. This unit does not include a level sensor however by simply leaving the OE connector unplugged the dash light will remain off.

V-2 This model is the same as V-1 but includes a coolant level sensor providing normal dash light operation.

V-3 This model includes the level sensor and is ideal for those looking to reduce engine temperatures. It includes our cooling fan control kit built-in which will significantly reduce the operating temperature of your RX-8! 

V-4 This model incorporates our cooling fan control kit as well as a coolant level sensor and also includes an additional tig welded bung. This is to allow the addition of a aftermarket coolant temperature or coolant pressure sensor to the cooling system! No more splicing into heater hoses.



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