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Custom RX-8 Sunshield


Protect your investment, lower your interior temperatures and show the unique heart of your RX-8 with this custom fit Sunshield.

Lately we have noticed a common issue occurring with our customers beloved RX-8's, large cracks are developing on the passengers side dashpad right in the center, above the airbag. This large rectangular crack is more than an eyesore, its expensive and inconvenient to repair. If you want to avoid this issue occurring in your RX-8 then significantly reduce the interior temperatures and eliminate the deteriorating ultraviolet light on the dash!

This is a very high quality custom fit Sunshield and its a practical, cost effective way to reduce the interior temperatures while avoiding the hassle and cost of dash pad replacement. Hand made with a high quality thermal barrier material, (not cheap foam) then lined with complimentary gray cloth and bound with dark gray recycled materials to keep your car interior cool and you dash intact!


  • Reduces interior temperatures by up to 50 degrees
  • Custom fit to the RX-8 windshield
  • Protects the interior from the suns harmful UV rays
  • Exterior rotary engine emblem image
  • Gray fabric inner liner compliments interior and increases heat protection



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