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Electric Water Pump Conversion Plate


For years the racing industry has looked to electric water pumps to improve automotive performance in multiple areas. In recent years that same technology in showing up in production cars and is now available for your RX-8! 

To achieve maximum efficiency from your cooling system determining the most effective coolant flow rate through the engine and radiator  can make a significant difference in performance. With traditional mechanical belt driven pumps, the flow rate can vary significantly because it is controlled by engine RPM and pulley diameter. This fluctuation prevents the optimum flow rate from being achieved except for a narrow window in the engine rpm range. 

 Our electric water pump conversion kit allows you to remove the factory pump and bolt the new fitting plate directly in it's place. One hose is routed to an electric pump and another back to the waterpump plate. This allows you the realize all the benefits without a complex hose routing nightmare. 

Features and other Benefits:

  • More power is delivered to the rear wheels because the engine is no longer spinning the pump.
  • The contact area of the belt is improved eliminating high RPM belt slippage
  • Eliminates high RPM pump cavitation
  • Can be setup to run after the engine is shutdown eliminating heatsoak issues.
  • You can return the coolant temp to ambient in a matter of minutes if the cooling fans are also running.  

   *Electric pump sold separately 

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